Cabina Doccia Cesana

Box Doccia cristallo su misura

Cesana comes to life at Palazzo del Majno

Palazzo del Majno is our photo shoot location in Bereguardo, a small town between Milan and Pavia. The building was founded in the eighteenth century as an elegant country mansion and, now as then, radiates art and poetry.

Cesana creations find here an ideal location, and they achieve fulfillment by creating an evocative dialogue with the space throught photographs more and more comparable to paintings,.

Every product clean and rigorous lines are the main characters in a scene strongly distinguished by the villa’s Lombard Baroque. That is how a striking contrast of visual elements is born, which projects the cabins in a new, timeless dimension.

The decision not to use a photo set, but to assign each piece to an already existing architectural choreography, is the natural reflection of Cesana’s spirit, that comes alive by the Italian artistic tradition and works celebrating it daily: not surprisingly, Palazzo del Majno has also been the scene of the opera for some years, and now is part of “Et in Arcadia Ego”, the European project born in Italy to promote the arts, starting from the most beautiful homes across Europe and giving them a new life, appropriate for their value and potential.