Cabina Doccia Cesana

Box Doccia cristallo su misura


Cesana's shower enclosures in Palazzo del Majno

“Where crystals meet new balances are born”

Aesthetic beauty without compromising on quality and safety. Cesana shower enclosures feature tempered and monolithic safety glass, generally with a thickness of 8 mm, always complying with the most stringent European safety standards and compliant with EN 14428/2003.

The glass is available in 10 color variations and is tailored cut to size according to any custommade specifications. Cesana can also provide coupled and decorated glasses, screen-printed glasses with digital printing or colored screen printing upon customer request.

Details of Cesana's shower enclosures


"Easy to Clean" is Cesana special treatment applied to the crystals to prevent the deposit of residues and facilitate cleaning operations: an antiscale treatment that allows water to slide quickly from the surface of the crystal, preventing the formation of limescale.

With "Easy to Clean" treatment the original transparency and brilliance of the glass are maintained over time.

The treatment is applied upon request.

Our glasses

Extra clear
Satin clear
Satin extraclear
Reflective beige
Satin grey
Reflective grey
Satin bronze

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