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Cesana's shower enclosures in Palazzo del Majno

“From the smallest detail our passion arises”

Finishes as a common thread that guides style choices for bathroom decoration, as a starting point to play with colors and geometries, to dare contrasts, combine styles or amaze with tone on tone.

Thirteen finishes are proposed for our collections: from the classic and traditional ones, such as steel and aluminum in the glossy and brushed variants, to the modern and trendy ones such as matt white and matt black, to offer countless possibilities of combinations.

There is no shortage of the most recent and innovative PVD finishes , the flagship of Cesana's production: finishes of the highest technical and aesthetic quality, proposed in trendy color shades.

Details of Cesana's shower enclosures

PVD finishes; exclusive, elegant and lasting

Cesana PVD finishes offer architects and interior designers the possibility to create refined and personalized bathrooms, spaces for personal well-being where every single piece of furniture fits in harmoniously creating a total-look effect between accessories, faucets and shower profiles.
Inspired by the new trending colors, PVD Gold, Vintage and Graphite finishes, proposed both in polished and satinated, are obtained with theexclusive PVD treatment (Physical Vapor Deposition): a process of the highest technological level to obtain a surface coating with exceptional aesthetic and technical characteristics through physical vapor deposition of a thin film of extraordinary hardness.
A technology used by Cesana in our headquarter to offer stable color tones over time and to guarantee products with high surface hardness, inalterability against UV rays, resistance to wear and corrosion.

PVD Gold

PVD Matt Gold

Noble finish, eternal both in the appreciation and in the duration. Its brilliance makes it a light and refined shade, expression of a classic and timeless luxury.
The “Matt” (satin) version is particularly versatile, combining perfectly in environments with both classic and minimalist design.

Details of Cesana's shower enclosures

PVD Vintage

PVD Matt Vintage

Shining, prestigious and timeless finish, perfect to enrich luxury environments with a note of brilliance. This finish gives personality to the product thanks to its warm reflections, enhancing shapes and details.
The “Matt” (satin) version is a soft finish with rétro nuances, perfect combination of charm from the past and modern taste. A shade that fits well into selected design environments, giving a touch of modern vintage.

PVD Graphite

PVD Matt Graphite

Glamorous, shining and exclusive finish, expresses elegance in a modern way. With its metallic reflections it enhances the Design of the product, making it particularly suitable for sophisticated environments.
The “Matt” (satin) version is a sober and innovative finish, representing the taste of a modern personality and open to new things. Dark gray in color, the satin effect makes it an ideal shade for modern and urban-style atmospheres.


Electrochemical process aimed at the production of stable layers of aluminum oxide. It is used to improve resistance to corrosion and to give the product special and long-lasting aesthetic characteristics.


Coating process of metal surfaces with an organic film, carried out for decorative purposes and / or for protection against corrosion and aggressive agents. This treatment with low environmental impact is free from solvents use.


Chrome coating on brass or steel components performed for functional or aesthetic reasons. Its application ennobles the surface and allows a reduction in corrosion thanks to the formation of the surface oxide which increases its protection.


Special finish made by electrochemical process. It is suitable both for objects and small pieces, as well as for aluminum profiles. This process guarantees an extremely leveling result, ensuring reflecting properties to the surface and a shiny glossy effect on aluminum.

Our finishes

Polished stainless steel
Brushed stainless steel
Aluminum inox effect
Brushed bronze aluminum
PVD Gold
PVD Matt Gold
PVD Vintage
PVD Matt Vintage
PVD Graphite
PVD Matt Graphite

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