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Made in Italy quality

“Attention to detail is the only way to excellence”

The ethics of quality is one of Cesana founding values, the beginning of a creative and productive path that has been renewed every day since 1965. Cesana's cornerstone is a shared passion and the desire to create an excellent product for the same pleasure of making it and offering it to the market, standing out by those who in recent years have chased the price to the detritment of quality.

High quality, attention to details and reliability over time are essential requirements: our shower enclosures are made of the finest aluminum alloy on the market, as well as components made of brass and steel handmade from turned or milled solid blocks of raw materials.

Le collezioni montano cristalli monolitici di sicurezza, temperati, generalmente con spessore di 8 mm e sempre rispondenti alle più stringenti disposizioni europee in termini di sicurezza, nonché conformi alla normativa EN 14428/2003.

All materials are processed and assembled within our headquarter through a certified production chain 100% Made in Italy: this guarantees great flexibility in the internal organization, which allows not only to produce individual pieces treated in every detail, but also to guarantee the supply of large production batches for special and contract projects.

High quality materials

Details of Cesana's shower enclosures

Stainless steel

Metal with excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. It is easy to clean and with an high hygienic coefficient.

Very stylish in combination with extra clear glass. Even the small internal parts (screws, grains, pins) are made of stainless steel in order to ensure fixing points’ maximum tightness, thus avoiding failures over time.

Cesana's Materials


Copper and zinc alloy.

Ductile material, particularly suitable for mechanical processing. It is elastic and durable even to considerable stresses and it minimizes the components failure’s risk.

It is resistant to corrosion and is subjected to a chrome treatment that ensures durability and gloss.


Legabrill Aluminum

It is a ductile metal, suitable for extruded components making such as profiles.

Cesana uses a special alloy with low iron content (Legabrill Alloy 6463) that, thanks to its purity, allows to obtain excellent results during the polishing process, matching the chromed allow brass details.

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