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Innovators since 1965

“The future belongs to those who have a great past”

For over 50 years Cesana has been the leading company in the production of custom-made crystal shower enclosures.

Founded in 1965 in Milan, Cesana has been able to establish itself over time as a specialist in the shower area, marking the history of bathroom furnishings through cutting-edge solutions that have set the way and which today have become icons of style and functionality.

Our shower enclosures are the answer to the need of daily moments of calm; they are the result of an Italian tradition which, combined with the most modern manufacturing techniques, gives life to the refined industrialized craftsmanship that we pursue with passion and diligence.

Innovative design, expert craftsmanship and the use of materials at their maximum functional and aesthetic expression have always been essential elements of our shower enclosures, proposed in collections characterized by unique and distinctive details.

Wall, niche, corner or walk-in: each shower enclosure is tailor-made to fit perfectly into the bathroom and become a design object, a real protagonist through the free combination of the finishes of the profiles and crystals.

The constant search for innovation finds expression in the wide range of special finishes for the profiles - including the exclusive PVD finishes - and special processes and decorations for the crystals , offering to private customers and designers maximum freedom in creating completely customized solutions.

Innovative Design

Since the 1990s, we have combined solidity and quality with a special focus on design. From this assumption, iconic and innovative products were born, some of which have received important international awards. Even today we go on along this path of stylistic and technological innovation by investing in the development of new products and the introduction of special finishes, including PVD ones.

Certified production

Cesana shower enclosures are made through a certified productive chain.

Every model is designed and developed by highly qualified staff who has been worked for over 30 years in this field, according to the customer request. High quality, attention to details and reliability over time are essential requirements: that's why we use the finest aluminum alloy on the market and components made of brass and steel, handmade from turned or milled solid blocks of raw materials.

Glass is tailored cut by glass producers that can provide, in short time, any type of safety glass in accordance with EN 14428/2003.

Working and assembling have always been held in our headquarter, where staff personally oversees all requests and provides, through its unique art, a final effect of exclusive uniqueness in every product, with particular attention to the most demanding custom-made.

After being completed, every product is subjected to a strict quality control by skilled and careful staff, before being delivered and installed.

 Cesana's Lathe

Custom-made solutions

The only limit lies in the solidity and safety of the required solution.

We are always available to design customized solutions according to customes' requests or needs.

We use high thickness glasses, coupled glasses with frabrics between them, screen-printed or painted glasses.

We also produce partition walls to separate the shower area from the sanitary one, solutions to contain washing machines or to hide techical compartments, walk-in walls anchored to the ceiling with visible or hidden profiles, dressing rooms with sliding doors and much more. We care about the customer’s safety: that’s why solidity and safety always have the priority in our solutions.

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