Cabina Doccia Cesana

Box Doccia cristallo su misura

Cesana and Townhouse Duomo in Milan

Cesana opens the 2015 with an important collaboration with the prestigious TownHouse Cathedral in the heart of Milan.

Cesana is born as a true specialist in the shower sector and focuses on the production of glass shower stalls, designed to enhance the most sought bathrooms.
Each stall is the result of a skilful workmanship which, together with the most modern techniques of manufacturing and development, give rise to an industrialized high-quality craftsmanship which is the company mouthpiece.

That’s why, within TownHouse Duomo, the creations found ideal positioning within exclusive suite especially made respecting the need for exclusivity and uniqueness.

Today fourteen suites open their doors to the whole world to show off their beauty. Breath taking suites totally designed by Italian architects, a selection of raw materials and a team of professional people all brought together to express their views into art in a historical building under the supervision of the fine arts of Milano. TownHouse Duomo is the only existing luxury hotel with a view onto the Piazza Duomo and the Cathedral in all its majesty. Twelve of the fourteen rooms have

floor to ceiling doors that open onto balconies facing the Dome.
Each room is singularly designed, the raw materials include the finest cloth used to cover the walls, furnishings and curtains; resin in all its forms created by one of the leading companies in Italy that is continually researching new shapes and ideas; the most famous designers in bathroom wear and bathrooms design; rooms that have home automation or different switches for each room; inside and outside furnishings; lighting; even the slightest details all thought for to give the maximum comfort to the guests.
TownHouse Duomo, evolves into a mix a fascinating outlets. The Duomo lounge, bar and terrace, a location that does not need a presentation; the WECC, World Expo Commissioners Club, a club reserved for the Commissioners and the delegations that will take part in the most important event of the year, a place where they can meet and exchange ideas and views; the exclusive 5th floor restaurant, terrace and reception all located at what will become the most exclusive address in town, Piazza Duomo 21.